Little Acorns

February –  March 2018

Out and About

Although there were not many signs of the warm spring weather during these months the nursery children still found opportunities to be out and about. To complete the next task on the RSPB Wild Challenge awards the pupils headed off to the woods, litter pickers at the ready to collect up some of the rubbish that blows through from the main road.

Expressive Arts

One of our pupils had just had his bedroom decorated in a car theme. We were inspired to create some artwork using wheeled toys dipped in paint and rolled around a big cardboard tray. It was lots of messy fun and the children produced some great pictures from their efforts. Continuing the art theme the children had the opportunity to explore paint in ice, sliding the ice blocks about and learning what happens as they melt. We also used paint again but with rollers this time to paint the background scenery for our part in the Seasons assembly. As Mother’s Day approached, everyone enjoyed choosing feathers and tissue paper to decorate their Mother’s Day cards as they wished. The results were beautiful.

Working with Partners

Lily from Holyrood Challenge came into nursery with lots of many fantastic resources for the children to investigate on the subject of spring. There were birds and butterflies, eggs and feathers, water and seeds, balloons and windmills. Thank you Lily the children really enjoy these sessions.

Special Days

Our Easter celebrations saw the school buzzing with lots of different activities from games in the hall such as Rabbit, Rabbit, Carrot to creative crafts where children could help to design their own Easter bonnet and of course the Easter Egg hunt in the afternoon.

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