At Oaklands School we promote learning across a wide range of contexts within the Curriculum for Excellence framework. The breadth of opportunities and experiences we offer our pupils enables them to become successful learners, responsible citizens, confident individuals and effective contributors in society today and supports their transition to positive destinations.

The Nursery pupils’ learning is underpinned by the key principles of Pre-Birth to Three which complements the aims of Curriculum for Excellence and ensures that the children have a smooth and coherent transition into school. Our youngest pupils’ experiences promote early Communication; Wellbeing; and Curiosity, Inquiry, Creativity in line with the National Guidance from Building the Ambition.

At Oaklands School every pupil has an individualised education plan underpinned by the Curriculum for Excellence and Getting It Right for Every Child. Supported by a multi-disciplinary team, subjects are taught across the curriculum and teaching is adapted to suit the individual needs of our pupils.

We offer qualifications and accreditation by:

A particular strength at Oaklands is our focus on Interdisciplinary Learning, one of the four contexts for learning in Building the Curriculum 3. Our pupils have the opportunity to learn similar skills across the curriculum, with the aim of promoting deeper understanding and ensuring the curriculum is more coherent and meaningful from the learner’s point of view. By learning beyond subject boundaries we aim to support our children and young people in making connections between different areas of knowledge.

Our child-centred approach acknowledges individual learning styles and provides our pupils with appropriate activities in a safe, exciting, stimulating and challenging environment. We focus on attainment and achievement, delivering a wide range of curricular and heuristic opportunities, designed to support our pupils to reach their full potential.

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