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Quick hello from Kirsti…. Kirsti

Hello! My name is Kirsti Willis and I am the Family Link Worker at Oaklands.

At Oaklands, we are continually developing our practice to better meet the needs of our pupils and families. My role is to help support families, as well as make engagement and communication with school easier. I am also involved in developing further links between Oaklands and the wider community.

I can help with any issues that affect the children and their families.

For example:

  • sign-post parents/carers to relevant services
  • assist with common difficulties such as in form filling, information retrieval, etc.
  • provide a “listening ear”
  • support with benefits and welfare claims

If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns you would like to talk to me about, I can be reached by phone, email and in person. I can also arrange to meet you at school or at your home (if this is more convenient) at school hours or after them. I will be at all family activities at the school, as well as most relevant courses and events in the community.

As the parents/carers of the pupils, you know the children and your own families best, so I would appreciate any suggestions and ideas you might have that we could implement here at Oaklands!

Kirsti - details

Special School, City of Edinburgh Council.

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