Family Link Worker

Here at Oaklands we have two Family Link Workers, Jack and Rachela. 

Jack’s role is the general support of Oaklands families. He can help with a variety of things such as:

  • signpost and refer you to relevant services;
  • help fill in various forms;
  • help gather information;
  • liaise between various organisations;
  • support you in accessing benefits and funding;
  • provide a listening ear;
  • gather feedback and suggestions from families and pass them on to the management;
  • attend various meetings with you.

You will see Jack at your child or young person’s planning meetings, parent council meetings and any other major school events. 

Jack is at the school Monday to Friday during school hours.

 You can reach him by emailing:

or by phoning Oaklands School at 0131 315 8100

Rachela’s role is centred around transitions. She is working with the older pupils and their families around the time of their transition into adult life. 

Rachela can help you with things related to transitions such as: 

  • sign post and refer you to appropriate organisations;
  • help you understand the process of transition;
  • liaise between various organisations, such as the social work and adult care services;
  • provide you with a list of available adult care service;
  • help you decide what setting would be best for your young person;
  • arrange visits to potential adult care services;
  • attend various meetings with you;
  • provide ongoing support during the process of transition;
  • help you access benefits and funding.

You will hear from Rachela once your child turns 14. You will also see Rachela at various meetings such as parent council meeting. 

Rachela is at Oaklands on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

You can reach her by emailing

or by phoning Oaklands School at 0131 315 8100

Special School, City of Edinburgh Council.

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