Pine Class

March to June 2019

There’s lots happening in Pine Class at Oaklands. Our theme this term is transport and we’ve been singing our way “around town” in buses, trams, boats and planes.  We have heard many of these vehicles too on our outings into the community on Friday mornings.

In RME we have enjoyed and experienced a boat sensory  story – Noah’s Ark in RME with lots of noisy animals and their friends.  There is another story to explore in a boat; again with a big storm and choppy water; but that is coming soon.

The weather is getting better for exploring the great outdoors. Our recent school focussed week of Outdoor Learning has enthused us to get out there and enjoy the fresh air; blow the cobwebs away and hear and experience what nature has to teach us!

Stories about seagulls stealing ice cream becomes more lively with real live sound effects squealing above our heads in the playground.  It is great also to have a regular volunteer helping us in the classroom (and outside) on Wednesdays.  Birthe is pleased to be with us and she is planning to extend our repetoir with Norwegian children’s songs! We love our singing in Pine Class.

August to October 2018

The Pine Class Team have been making activity items to explore different textures over our lunch breaks.  These were made from recycled materials, which will please our school ECO committee!  These materials are easy to find around the house and in future we will be making more, using other things inside the lidded toy, like pasta or glitter in a bag.  The sky is the limit over what sensory items we could use!  We could even put yucky ones in like sandpaper ….  We also used a body puff to put some interesting noisy materials inside, after we had taken the body puff apart.  We had fun filling the big sausage shape with our favourite rustly pieces.  What do you think?

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