Little Acorns

April-May 2017

The nursery children have been very busy working on the Wildlife Action Awards. One of the tasks is to make a home for wildlife and we decided to make a bug hotel. We are so lucky to have had the enthusiasm and support of Lily the Park Ranger and her team from Holyrood to help us do this. They brought along leaves, bamboo pieces, sticks, straw and pinecones to add to the ítems we had already collected from the woods. The children were able to experience all of these materials and add them to the boxes which will form the hotel in due course.

As well as a home for wildlife we have also started to grow flowers and plants which will feed the butterflies in the summer. We have planted a herb bed and a mini wildflower and woodland meadow. We have had to remember to keep it all watered when the weather is sunny. We are very fortunate to have an area of woodland adjacent to our school grounds and this is a great resource for the children to use to learn about wildlife. We decided to have a bug hunt in the Woods and we set off with our minibeast identification charts, magnifying glasses and bug holding boxes to see what we could find. The staff helped the children to look under logs to find out whether anything had made a home there.

Some of the creatures moved very fast so we had to be quick to capture them. We found earwigs, a tiny spider, some slugs and a millipede and most exciting of all we discovered a type of scorpion called ‘the devils coachman’. We had a good look at them in our bug viewing boxes and then we released them back into the woods so they could go home again.

Our MOVE day is coming up soon (more of that later) and the nursery pupils have been using their art and messy play sessions to create beautiful pictures to decorate the nursery on the day. We have taken the book ‘Barry the fish with fingers’ as our inspiration and we look forward to showing off all our hard work to the visitors and other pupils and staff.

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