jass-logo_0At Oaklands School our pupils have the opportunity to take part in The Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS). This is an accredited award for young people which corresponds with the goals of the Curriculum for Excellence.  JASS is designed to be flexible and adaptable, matching the interests and abilities of individuals, to ensure it is achievable by all participants.

JASS is structured into four sections, designed to stretch different aspects of developing confident individuals:

-My Interests – developing an interest or learning a new skill

-Get Active, Stay Active – taking part in sport and physical activity

-Me and My World – contributing to the local community

-Adventure – outdoor activity and learning, including team work and problem solving

Each of these sections is constructed to meet the needs of our individual pupils’ and will frequently be linked to current school topics or projects.

The JASS award is progressive, through Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels, with increasing levels of learning and challenge for the pupils as they progress. The structure of the programme is closely aligned with the Duke of Edinburgh Award which pupils have the opportunity to progress onto as the move up the school.

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