Oaklands School…. MOVE Centre of Excellence for the 3rd  time! (November 2020)



Oaklands School has been using the MOVE Programme since 2003 and first achieved Centre of Excellence status in 2012 and was re-accredited in 2016. Achieving MOVE Centre of Excellence status is the culmination of a successful completion of MOVE’s Quality assurance process: MOVE Quality Mark.

MOVE Quality Mark assesses an establishment against 6 components which looks at Integration of the MOVE programme in the curriculum and school life, Leadership, Training, Joint working and Team involvement and promotion of MOVE to wider audience. MOVE Quality Mark consists of 3 levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and Centre of Excellence status, which is awarded to those who have completed all 3 levels to a very high standard.  To ensure that the MOVE Programme continues to be delivered to a high standard, the Quality Mark process is repeated on a 3-yearly basis.

Oaklands had its most recent re-accreditation on 24th November 2020.  Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the assessment was carried out virtually with a follow-up visit by Charlotte Peck (Director of MOVE) planned later in the school year, when travel and school visits are allowed again.

MOVE’s feedback following the assessment:

“Oaklands School are an example of best practice in the MOVE Programme. Since their last Centre of Excellence assessment in November 2016, they have continued to deliver MOVE to a high standard. The high level of buy-in from the therapy team and the school’s commitment to growing a highly trained MOVE team ensures that all students are well supported.  The MOVE Programme at Oaklands is in the transition of leadership following the retirement of physiotherapist Anke Baillie and the programme is now led by Michelle McHale, Dyanne Mudie and Anke Baillie (now as MOVE support staff) and the other MOVE trainers at the school as well as the senior leadership team.  This wider team ensures that any future staff changes will not affect the quality of MOVE provision. Oaklands has thoroughly embedded MOVE into the fabric of their school and thoroughly deserve their Centre of Excellence status”.


For further information about MOVE at Oaklands:

For any information regarding the MOVE programme in general:

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