Oaklands School Aims

  1. To provide a broad, balanced curriculum which meets pupils’ individual needs effectively and shows clear evidence of pupil achievement.
  2. To promote innovative and inclusive practice throughout the school.
  3. To provide a Total Communication Environment.
  4. To develop transdisciplinary practice which maximises pupil learning (e.g. through MOVE).
  5. To provide a safe, secure environment that promotes and maximises pupil learning.
  6. To work at positive home/school links and develop outreach support for parents and families.
  7. To ensure/keep under review the use of appropriate resources in meeting pupil targets and encourage participation and choice appropriate to pupils’ level of ability throughout the school day.
  8. To be a Health Promoting School and provide well balanced nutritional meals that are pleasing to look at with appropriate colour and texture.
  9. To be an enterprising and environmentally friendly school which builds effective links with the community and uses community resources to meet pupil targets.
  10. To achieve open and honest cooperation amongst staff, parents, therapists and all agencies and create a positive ethos.
  11. To ensure robust monitoring and evaluation processes are in place.
  12. To develop an ethos of equality of opportunity for all staff and pupils.

Special School, City of Edinburgh Council.

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