Little Acorns

February 2017

The Nursery has been so busy as we whizz through January and into February, so here is a snapshot of the activities we have been doing:

-Some of the children have experienced sensory storytelling with Flotsam and Jetsom who retold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. There was a fabulous knitted beanstalk, soft magic beans, a beard for the giant and a puppet for Jack.

-Dance Base came to visit us and we made up routines using the children’s movements as our guide, adding props such as fans and scarves to accompany the music.

-Continuing with our Eco themed activities the pupils made birdfeeders using a variety of ingredients such as cheese, apples, raisins and oats. We used our senses to experience these goodies first, finding out how they smelled, felt and even tasted before they all got mixed together and squashed into yoghurt pots or threaded onto pipe cleaners. We then took the feeders out to The Millennium woods and our nursery garden to hang them up. We have checked them and all of the food has been eaten!

-We were delighted to start the first of our visits to Holyrood Park for The Holyrood Challenge. Lily our lovely Park Ranger had set up lots of activities for us with a wildlife theme. We made some more birdfeeders, and had a sensory fruit experience with melons, oranges, pineapple, apple and lots more. Pictures of our favourites were made into a caterpillar for us to bring home. We look forward to more of these visits.

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