Holly Class

March 2023

Holly class has enjoyed a very busy second term. It has been a very active term with a big focus on walking and karate. The young people have really enjoyed the karate sessions and it has been lovely watching them learn to follow instructions for 3 key actions; push, block and kick and become completely focused. They will be graded on this in the coming weeks. Another favourite activity is a visit from the clown doctors where they get individual attention including strumming the ukulele. We have enjoyed our topic ‘The Wonderful World of Nature’, exploring arctic animals, melting ice and planting seeds and watching them grow. Holly class are lucky enough to have a resident author working with us, Gill White, together with Pine class. We have created some props for the story ‘Leo and the Lightening Dragon’ by Gill and have enjoyed her sensory story session. We are working with Gill to create our own stories too. We continue to enjoy cooking for enterprise, working on independence skills such as preparing and washing up, circle time, Fishy Music, counting songs and a firm favourite BINGO. We really do have a lot of fun in Holly class.

September 2022

The young people in Holly class have had a good start to the new session 22-23.

There are 2 special activities every week: Performing Arts exploration with atmospheric lights, hanging obstacles, music and action AND cooking where we smell spices, chop vegetables, compost, mix and taste. Making pakoras and curry is Holly class’s enterprise project this term.

The young people really enjoy musical instruments and spinning toys and a favourite meeting place for friends and sharing opportunities is the large activity wall. Holly class work very hard with the activities in circle time and enjoy a story at the end of the day, often helping to tell the story with props and Big Macks.

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