Aspen Class

October – December 2020

Aspen class have had a busy term working hard, getting ready for Christmas and having plenty of fun together along the way! We’ve been enjoying lots of Christmassy, sensory experiences as well as making decorations and decorating our classroom. We’ve been working hard on the Innowalk and other equipment and everyone is coping brilliantly with their daily repositioning and exercise! We have continued to get out in to the local community to explore and enjoy the fresh winter air. We’ve been busy with our Enterprise project, painting and designing rock houses, and are dreaming of a class trip to Paris as soon as things have settled down! It’s not all fun and games though, as we have all begun working towards our ASDAN Transition Challenge awards. Watch this space! We are all really enjoying our wonderful Performing Arts sessions with Angela and Jacqueline, especially practising for our Christmas show performance!

March to June 2019

In Aspen Class we have had a busy few months. This term we have a theme called Growing Things – Seed to Plate. We have been investigating what happens to a seed when it is put into the ground and what seeds need to help them grow. We recently planted some sunflower seeds. We started them off in recycled pots which we made from old loo rolls and then when the seedlings had sprouted we planted them into the ground in the senior playground. Disaster struck however when the slugs ate all our lovely seedlings! Undeterred we have started off some more seeds and will plant them out in a different area! The class shared a musical story all about the process of growing seeds to plants in a whole school Assembly.

The class really enjoyed Outdoor Leaning Week. We all took part in a huge variety of activities. We went to a campfire, we sang songs in the woods, we crushed up shells with the wheels of our wheelchairs to make sand, some of us went to Cramond to get a trip in Obama the pony’s cart and some of us went to The Yard. We love getting outdoors in our class, especially when the sun shines.


August to October 2018

Aspen Class have had a busy term. We have been learning about our bodies and especially the things we can do with our eyes, ears, noses, and mouths. We recently led an assembly where we showed what we have learned to the school. We taught everyone some signs and we sang a song.

A big enjoyment for our class this term has been taking part in the Thursday Elective Groups – we either cook, have massage, do performing arts or a join a nature group. It is great fun and everyone is in a group which is linked to their preferences and abilities. Thursdays are definitely our favourite day of the week.

You can find our class easily as in art we have been working on a big-collaged aspen tree to hang beside our door.  We have been focussing on collage in class. Here are some of our art projects from this term.

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