Aspen Class

Aspen’s class teacher this year is Antonia Sioutopoulou.

March 2023

Another term is coming to end and here in Aspen class we’ve been wondering how it went so quickly. It has certainly been a very busy term, with lots of activities taking place in class as well as outdoors. We have been really excited to be getting on the bus on Monday mornings and exploring our local community. Some of the places we’ve been to are Lauriston castle, Cramond beach and Craigmillar shopping centre. We have had a really good time. Another activity connected to our environment that we have been taking part in is flower planting. We have planted various seeds in the Grow Cube that we’re keeping in our class in preparation for some experiments were are planning to conduct. We have also entered the flower competition for Saughton park and we carefully planted some pots with daffodils. We have been looking after them and watching them grow so we can enter them in our competition. Wish us luck!

We have been very lucky to have weekly sessions with the visiting Music Students as well as bi-weekly session of Clown Doctors. We have been working very hard with a variety of musical instrument to produce music and sing songs. Our most recent achievement has been to create a unique song that is based on the hobbies and characters of our Aspen pupils. We have become both composers and singers. We even performed at Lauriston castle during a joint trip with them.  The Clown Doctor sessions are so much fun to take part in. The antics of our Clown Doctors are always funny and we have combined the theme of these sessions with the circus skills we have been learning and practising for our Duke of Edinburgh award. And we’re not forgetting our weekly sessions in our swimming pool as well as on our trampoline. Finally, we had the time of our lives when celebrating the Carnival season. We learned about Carnival traditions around the world, made our own carnival masks and props and led a school assembly where we danced and had fun. It’s been a really good term but we’d be lying if we said we’re not excited for the Easter holidays too!


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