ecoschoolslogoOaklands School is a proud supporter of the Eco-Schools programme.

Eco-Schools is the largest sustainable schools initiative and operates across the world. It was devised as a result of the United Nations conference on Environment and Development (Rio Earth Summit) in 1992, when it was identified that children and young people need to be involved in the sustainability and environmental protection of our planet.

We are passionate about the environment and sustainability at Oaklands. We have a well-established Eco group which has been working tirelessly towards regaining our Green Flag status. This group is made up of a representative from each class, responsible for investigating, recording and spreading the Eco word. But our Eco journey is a whole school effort, every pupil is involved in some way in our Eco work.

We started our renewed Eco journey by carrying out an Environmental Review of the school and grounds. We looked at all areas from energy and waste to biodiversity and our outdoor spaces. Our Eco reps left no corner of the school un-investigated! They checked for leaky taps, lights left on, litter in the school grounds and what was going into the recycling. They used communication devices to interview Barbara, our fantastic school cook, about where our food comes from and how it’s packaged. While out looking for wildlife in our school grounds, they even spotted a fox.

We felt that we were doing very well in some areas, particularly Health and Wellbeing and our use of outdoor spaces. We were asked to identify three areas for our Action Plan that we thought we could improve upon. We chose to focus on Litter, Waste Minimisation and Biodiversity. You can see our full Action Plan below. Highlights of our work on this so far include:

  • Our No Litter Glitter campaign in the run up to Christmas. We demonstrated and shared ideas for environmentally friendly and glitter free decorations.
  • Litter picks. We have been regularly collecting litter from the Millennium Woods and our local environment. We even had pupils out along the cycle paths on bikes and walkers collecting litter as they went.
  • We’ve been raising awareness of what can and can’t be recycled along with organising efficient and regular recycling around the school.
  • Building bug hotels and making bird feeders to encourage more wildlife within our school grounds.

The Eco group know that it’s important to keep our Eco journey at the forefront of everyone’s minds. They’ve found lots of ways to share and promote the good work. We have an Eco board in the front foyer to keep everyone up to date and an up-cycled floor book to record all the good work. We’ve had lots of fun sharing our messages in Eco assemblies and singing our call and response Eco song. You may have noticed our Oaklands Eco logo, it’s made up of the green footprints of our Eco Reps, signifying our aim to tread more lightly on our planet.

We had to rethink some of the activities linked to biodiversity that we had planned for after Easter. However, thanks to our wonderful Oaklands’ families, lots of things have been happening even during lockdown. Pupils have been busy creating bird feeders, bug hotels and planting seeds, working to encourage wildlife in their gardens and homes.  We are looking forward to restarting our in-school Eco work next term and to be flying our new Green Flag very soon.

In 2010 Oaklands School was awarded Bronze Eco School bronze.

In 2011 we were awarded Silver Eco Schools silver.

In 2012 we were delighted to be awarded a Green Flag green-flag!

The Eco-Schools International Green Flag Award is designed to encourage pupil-led, whole school action for the environment.



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