Little Acorns

November – December

Well it does not seem like five minutes since we posted the October update and here we are in December and at the end of term!

The themes of spinning and stars have influenced lots of our activities this term.

Many of our pupils, not just in nursery but also throughout the school are really motivated by objects that spin. To capture this interest we incorporated it into some of the art activities that were available for the pupils. There were opportunities to dip objects such as cylinders, plates and bowls into paint and watch as they created patterns left by paint splatters thrown out by the spinning motion. The potter’s wheel made an appearance and the children were able to explore the sensation of throwing clay pots on the wheel. We also introduced the battery-operated spinning wheel and the salad spinner where the pupils could enjoy dropping paint down on to the paper, feeling the vibrations made and watching the patterns develop as the paint was distributed out by the centrifugal force.

Our part in the Christmas performance was a huge success and we took a favourite nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle little star” as our inspiration. Once we started to look we found that many of the pupils’ favourite possessions also had a ‘star’ theme, from blankets to lunchboxes to socks and jumpers. We enjoyed star related painting sessions, Magic Carpet programmes and of course the song itself.

The end of term also meant a Christmas outing, and this year the children visited Dobbies. There were beautiful lights and displays to see, Christmas decorations and tinsel to explore, Dobbie the Reindeer to find and sharks to watch out for (in the aquatic section!). It was a magical day out.

We would like to wish all our children and their families a very Happy Christmas break and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2019.

The Nursery Team

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