Little Acorns


March – May 2019

We can’t believe that the end of the school year is already in sight, but before we get there here is a wee snapshot of the Little Acorn’s many learning experiences from March to May.

Outdoor Learning

Much of our learning has taken place outside, even when the weather is not so warm we get our coats and cosy blankets and have fun in our outdoor spaces. One of our topics this year has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears and this has been explored in many ways. There was sensory storytelling in the woods which developed into a treasure hunt which saw the children searching for bears, bowls, blankets and even porridge! The pupils have had art lessons in the Nursery garden and were busy with mops, rollers and paint sprayers creating a background for our MOVE day picture.

Out and About

We visited Scotland Yard on a very rainy day but that didn’t stop us exploring. We donned our all over suits and had fun regardless of the weather. When it did get a bit too much we took shelter in the dome and had an impromptu puppet show.

Messy Play

The children have had lots of opportunities to take part in messy play activities. There has been pastry making with flour and water, porridge making with oats and water, pasta investigation with spaghetti, bubble play and sand and water exploration.

Special Events and MOVE Day

Move Day was quickly followed by Outdoor Learning Week and the many different experiences on offer included sensory Fairy Story trails in the woods and garden, a real campfire, water play, a Sound Garden and Singalong. Phew!

And More….

As if all that wasn’t enough the Nursery pupils have also sown a wild flower meadow in the garden and have been very keen to water it (and each other!) with our new hose. Music lessons have been a firm favourite too with different styles of music and instruments to explore each week.

We look forward to a busy and very exciting time ahead and will keep you informed in our next post.

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