At Oaklands we have an Inclusive Communication environment.  This means that we use a number of strategies to support our pupils to communicate.

Each pupil will benefit from a different combination of these strategies.

The Inclusive Communication strategies include:

  1. Object Signifiers (sometimes known as Objects of Reference; OORs)
  2. Communication devices
  3. Onbody Signing
  4. Signalong Signing
  5. Song Signifiers
  6. Eye Pointing – including use of e-Tran frames and Eye Gaze Devices
  7. Symbols and photos

These strategies are always supported by gestures, facial expressions, body language and speech.

Tap or click on the above strategies for more information.

We also use various specific approaches to support communication with many of our pupils across the school.  These include:

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Should you require any other help, please contact your child’s Speech & Language Therapist.

Special School, City of Edinburgh Council.

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