Headteacher: Morna Phillips

Depute Headteacher: Rebecca Vaughan

Principal Teacher (Secondary): Fiona Smith

Principal Teacher (Nursery/Primary): Lucy Smith

Business Manager: Carol Swanson

Our Class Teams

We have 8 classes at Oaklands School.


Lucy Smith (Class Teacher), Gillian Reid (Nursery Nurse), Jen Ellis (Nursery Nurse), Karen Edwards (Pupil Support Assistant)

Class 1

Neena Livingstone (Class Teacher), Sheena Gannon (Nursery Nurse), Rachel Elam (Nursery Nurse), Karen Strathemore (Nursery Nurse), Pat Smith (Pupil Support Assistant), Sam Arnott (Pupil Support Assistant), Jessica Anderson (Pupil Support Assistant)

Class 2

Annette Irvine (Class Teacher), Diane Reid (Nursery Nurse), Morag Thomas (Nursery Nurse), Victoria Hackett (Pupil Support Assistant), Sophie Graham (Pupil Support Assistant)

Class 3

Nancy Dundas (Class Teacher), Ele Arbuckle (Class Teacher), Kirsty Stanton (Nursery Nurse), Sonia Wilson (Nursery Nurse), Maureen McMenamin (Nursery Nurse), Michelle McHale (Pupil Support Assistant), Ruby Little (Pupil Support Assistant)

Class 4

Marie Sneddon (Class Teacher), Elizabeth Douglas (Class Teacher), Dilruba Islam (Nursery Nurse), Kausar Hafiz (Nursery Nurse), Karen Strathemore (Nursery Nurse), Dave Blyth (Pupil Support Assistant), Sharon Christison (Pupil Support Assistant)


David Palencia (Class Teacher), Jenifer Graham (Nursery Nurse), Jackie McKenzie (Nursery Nurse), Maureen McMenamin (Nursery Nurse), Amanda Dodd (Pupil Support Assistant), Ally Duffy (Pupil Support Assistant), Laura Stojakovic (Pupil Support Assistant)


Jill Richardson (Class Teacher), Dyanne Mudie (Nursery Nurse), Carole Barrie (Nursery Nurse), Karen Flockhart (Pupil Support Assistant)


Fiona Smith (Class Teacher), Sharon Humble (Nursery Nurse), Amy Burgess (Pupil Support Assistant), Laura Stojakovic (Pupil Support Assistant), Oliver Lázaro (Pupil Support Assistant), Aleksandra Wolkowska (Pupil Support Assistant)

We also have a P1 class from St Crispin’s School in Oaklands!!!

Class 1 St Crispin’s

Clare Warwick (Class Teacher), Anastasia Zoidou (Pupil Support Assistant), Amanda Bank (Pupil Support Assistant), Fiona Gorrie (Pupil Support Assistant), Lauren Graham (Pupil Support Assistant)

Our Art Teacher is Angela Harrison

Our Music Teacher is Meg Dowling

Our Visual Impairment Teacher – Vacanacy

Our Sports Coach is Sharon Humble

Gail Gordon (Pupil Support Assistant) supports classes as needed

Our School Administrator is Anne Jameison

Our School Cooks are Barbara and Dot

Our Janitor is Derek

Our Physiotherapy team includes Anke Baillie, Lizzie Barke, Melanie Mclennan and Emma Souness

Our Speech & Language Therapy team includes Nicky Ford, Sarah Clark and Annie Welsh

Our Occupational Therapy team includes Kirsty McKail and Sarah Nichol

Our Nursing team includes Gail Scobie, Debbie Morrison, Claire Campbell, Graham Clark

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Special School, City of Edinburgh Council.

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