Headteacher: Rebecca Vaughan

Depute Headteacher: Clare Warwick

Principal Teacher (Secondary): Ele Arbuckle

Principal Teacher (Nursery/Primary): Lucy Smith

Business Manager: Gill Bruce

Family Link Workers: Amy Steele and Rachela Madudu


Little Acorns (Nursery) – Lauren Kenny (Senior Early Years Officer),

Primary Classes

Holly – Debbie Ward (Class Teacher)

Pine – Jill Richardson (Class Teacher)

Willow – Lucy Smith (Principal Teacher)

Maple – Chris Gannon (Class Teacher)

Secondary Classes

Spruce – Nancy Dundas (Class Teacher)

Beech – Ele Arbuckle (Principal Teacher)

Aspen – Antonia Sioutopoulou (Class Teacher)


Performing Arts Teachers – Angela Harrison and Jacqueline Wheble

Visual Impairment Support – Lucy Smith

Sports Coach – Sharon Humble

Rebound Therapist – Morna Phillips

MOVE coordinators – Dyanne Mudie and Anke Bailey


School Administrator – Anne Jameison

Janitor – Paul McKellican

School Cooks – Barbara and Dot

Physiotherapy team – Jane Mole, Laurent Haquin and Melanie Mclennan

Speech & Language Therapy team – Nicky Ford, Jenny Lam, Jo Gratton-Shanks and Annie Welsh

Occupational Therapy team – Sofia Malik and Laura Hamilton

Nursing team – Claire Campbell, Louise Bowers, Kerry Brown, Claire Laidlaw, Lou Reynolds and Graham Clark

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Special School, City of Edinburgh Council.

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