Rowan Class

March to June 2019

Rowan have been enjoying getting outside as much as possible!

We have been planting beans and other vegetables and watching them grow tall on our window sill. We always have a lot of fun during our playground games sessions where we play dodge ball, duck, duck, goose, the hokey kokey and other loud and active games. Staff and pupils are often whooping with laughter during these.

During Outdoor Learning Week we tried out lots of activities including beach wheelchairs at Portobello, pony trap rides at Cramond, helping to create a sound garden in the woods and exploring the mud kitchen and water play areas.

As part of an SQA project, we made our own recycled fire bricks using shredded paper and burned them on our campfire. We experienced sparks from the fire steels as we lit our bricks and joined in with a campfire sing song.  The fire cooked chocolate bananas and toasted marshmallows were a big hit!

August to October 2018

Rowan have had a great start to the school year getting out and about lots in the community. On Mondays, five pupils attend Music for All – a fun, noisy, sociable and musical community event where we meet up and jam with lots of other people.

We have been making the most of the late summer and early autumn by visiting local parks and nature areas. We particularly liked visiting the Botanics while the festival was still on and playing in their Pianodrome. We have also been visiting North Edinburgh Arts Centre, Lauriston Castle and local shops and cafes.

There have been interesting things happening in school as well. We have started our Elective Programme on Thursdays where pupils have a choice of Expressive Arts, Out in Nature, Cooking and Massage and Qigong. There is something for everyone. We have been physically active too, using bikes, walkers, standing frames, going swimming and trialling the new Innowalk!

Last week we performed a Harvest Assembly to the school. We were very pleased with all the Harvest donations that came into school. We took a bus trip to the Foodbank to deliver it and see how it was sorted.

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