Expressive Arts

We hope you enjoy our Expressive Arts page which includes art, music and drama resources.

Art activity – pasta flowers

Art activity – bottle shaker

Art activity – winter tree

Art activity – fun with flour

Art/craft – plastic faces

Art/craft – plastic bottle creations

Art/craft – weather windows

Nature art

Art – Home is where the Art is! Explore lots of great resources on the National Galleries of Scotland site.

Art – Flower Art

Art – creating birds

Music – Explore Drake Music resources

Music – CBeebies watch and sing activities

Music – BBC Ten Pieces – specially designed resources for children and young people with additional needs.

Music – Music and Movement activities with great music and lovely animations.

Music – BBC Bring The Noise – ideas for how to make your own musical instruments at home!

Music – Spotify – if you have a Spotify account, this is a playlist of popular Disney sing-along songs! (74 songs will keep you singing for a while!)

Music – Lots of relaxing music and videos on YouTube. Here’s an example one when setting up ‘Snoozelan’ type relaxation space with sensory lights and toys.

Music – stimulating patterns and music on YouTube.

Music/relaxation – Ideas for setting up a sensory space.

Music – Repetitive, lovely songs – can be made interactive and engaging videos.

Music with Matt! 

Music/Drama – New! The Storm! with Angela and Jacqueline

Music/Drama – The Story of the Oaklands Pirates

Music/Drama – What Shall we do with the Oaklands Pirates?

Music –

If you have an iPad at home the following apps are really fun ways to create and explore making music (some apps are free but some may charge for the download):

  • Loopimal – really fun and addictive! Each character moves in time with a beat, you move the coloured shapes into place and the music develops and the character dances! You can add more characters to the screen, so they all make music and dance together 
  • SoundPrism – creates sounds and chords by touching the coloured screen.
  • Beatwave – touch the rectangles on the screen and it creates sounds, beats and colour responses.
  • EasyBeats – touch the shapes and it creates melodies, you can record and listen back, and you can change the colours too.
  • Virtual instrument apps:
  • Xylophone
  • Real Drum
  • Real Guitar
  • Real Piano
  • Real Ukulele

Special School, City of Edinburgh Council.

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