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Oaklands wins at the edinburgh festival!

We are absolutely delighted to let you know that a group of pupils at Oaklands have won the award for ‘Most Impactful Film’ as part of the Edinburgh and Lothians Schools Film Competition.

The Oaklands film, Who We Are, made as part of our Our Edinburgh programme last year was enrolled into this year’s Edinburgh and Lothians Schools Film Competition, which runs as part of the Edinburgh International Festival.

The film was made by Beech and Spruce Classes and their staff teams and explored life in Edinburgh for young people at Oaklands.

You can watch the short film by following the link below.

oaklands christmas show!

Spreading a little Christmas joy your way, Team Oaklands style!

I’m sure you’ll want to watch the whole show, but if you’re looking for someone in particular, here is a breakdown of the show and its times

Intro and PINE Class ‘The Owl Flies High – Shadow Puppets’

9.50 ASPEN Class ‘Sky Full of Stars’

16.16 WILLOW Class ‘Snowflake Dance’

21.49 HOLLY Class ‘Watch out for the Snowballs!’

26.16 BEECH Class ‘Vivaldi’s Raging Storm’

31.35 ROWAN Class ‘The Winter Trees’

36.26 LITTLE ACORNS ‘The Dance of the Owlettes’

42.30 Thanks

Farewell from Music Meg

We were so sad to say goodbye to our wonderful Music Meg yesterday as she moves on to her next adventure, closer to home, in Devon.

Meg’s influence and talent has impacted on all our lives over the last three years and we will miss her so much.

From our first ever Oaklands School choir and their performances at the Queen’s Hall, to wonderful projects on The Lion King with Disney and the world’s most insanely catchy tunes, which are heard ringing out from every classroom at Oaklands!



In true Meg style, she’s left us with a song, which we thought you might enjoy.


Welcome Back!

We are looking forward to welcoming our pupils back to school!

Wednesday: Secondary pupils only – NO PRIMARY PUPILS

Thursday: Primary pupils only – NO SECONDARY PUPILS

Friday onward – ALL PUPILS BACK

To help your child understand that they are going back to school, and to help prepare them, please let them see you packing their school bag, and laying out their school uniform.

If your child understands and uses objects to communicate, give them their school jumper and school bag to touch and see.

If your child understands photos – show them the photo of school.

If your child understands symbols – show them the symbol for school.

If it is hard for you to show your child the photo/symbol on your phone/tablet, then please call and leave a message for Speech and Language Therapy on 0131 315 8106 – we can send out a paper one.

The SignAlong sign for school is…

(flat hand – fingers and thumb together – in front of chin – make a wee circle)

New video: SignAlong for handwashing!

Here is a video to help you and your child learn a few new SignAlong signs as you wash those hands AGAIN and AGAIN!

You don’t need to use all the signs – just one or two at a time – at the right level for your child.

Don’t forget our washing hands song signifier… and remember to wash for at least 20 seconds!

From Annie and Nicky (Speech and Language Therapy; contact us via Nicky’s work mobile 07779967313 during the school closures)

HELP us with our Core Words!

Our new Core Word of the month is “help”!

It’s a really important skill to learn to confidently ask for help when you need it… but first the children will needs lots of practise to become familiar with the sign and symbol for “help”.

Please look out for the “help” postcards coming home tomorrow and watch our video to learn how to sign “help” with your child at home…

Oaklands Home Learning

Hello all our lovely Team Oaklands families and friends!

You will now find our brand, spanking, new page ‘Oaklands Home Learning’ on our website. This will give you lots of ideas of fun activities you can take part in while we’re out of school.

There’s even the Circle Time powerpoint with songs, so there’s no excuse to stop the signing and singing!

Best wishes to you all and please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need to.


ASL Review – Make Your Voice Heard!


A review of the implementation of additional support for learning (ASL) in schools was announced in January 2019.

The review is founded on a continued commitment to a presumption to mainstreaming and on the need to ensure that children and young people’s additional support needs are met. This will enable them to reach their full potential, with learning provision that best suits their needs.

The review will be led by Angela Morgan.

She will consider current evidence and engage with a range of people and groups to identify good practice and areas for further improvement in the ways that children and young people with additional support needs progress in their learning.


The review will consider:

  • how ASL works in practiceacross early learning and childcare centres, primary, secondary and special schools (including enhanced provision, services and units)
  • where children and young people learn within the balance of the provision set out above, recognising that not all authority areas have all of those provisions
  • the quality of learning and support, including overall achievement and positive destinations achieved post-school
  • the different approaches to planning and assessment to meet the needs of children and young people
  • the roles and responsibilities of support staff, teaching staff, leadership role, education authorities and national agencies
  • the areas of practice which could be further enhanced through better use of current resources to support practice, staffing or other aspects of provision

Review timescales

Angela will gather views and experiences from October to December 2019.  It is anticipated that a report with recommendations for next steps will be available in spring 2020.

Angela Morgan’s background

Angela brings vast knowledge and experience to this role.  She was born in London and has spent over half her life in Scotland.  After social work training at the University of London she decided to pursue her profession in the third sector; initially in mental health (in Scotland with SAMH) and later working with children and young people.

She was the Chief Executive of Includem until 2018, and has remained involved in a range of, mostly voluntary activity focused on improving lives. She is a member of the workforce journey group for the Independent Care Review.

Feedback to the review

You can contact Angela to tell her about your own experiences of ASL.

She is particularly keen to hear of examples – small or large – of where things do work well.

  • If you’ve had a difficult time, what by contrast has made the difference?
  • What would you like to see more or less of ?
  • Where should we best focus efforts for positive change?

All contributions to the review will be treated and respected as anonymous – whether positive or otherwise.