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100 followers! VIDEO

We have achieved a new followers record! We have 100 followers now.

Thanks for your support.

To celebrate it we want to share a lovely video with all of you. This is a video that we made last year for the Edinburgh “Awfey Huge Variety Show”. See what we can do in our amazing and modern city!

Intensive Interaction Song Signifier

Our latest Song Signifier Video is now available in the section:


Intensive interaction is an approach for sharing enjoyable and meaningful interactions with children and adults who have complex communication needs.  It involves using the learner’s own movements, body language and vocalisation to take turns and share attention with each other.  Intensive interaction can be used to develop our learner’s communication skills.

In this video you can hear the song signifier, as well as seeing both an object signifier (the tinsel) and a symbol which can also be used to communicate what’s about to happen.

We’ve done it! Oaklands gets 2 Innowalks!!

Innowalk update

Innowalk fundraise #WalkTallWithOaklands

We have had a very successful trial of the Innowalks over the last 4 weeks. 20 pupils had the opportunity to experience this amazing piece of equipment and every one of them showed great pleasure in being able to walk.  The distance individual pupils covered ranged from 300 meters to 7,700 meters, which will all count towards their Daily Mile.

The Innowalk has given pupils the opportunity to exercise on their own. STV came to our school to do a feature on the Innowalks at Oaklands!  This started our fundraising appeal towards our dream of owning two Innowalks (a small one and a large one).  If we succeed, we will be the first school in Scotland to have them!

We need your help to make this dream come true by raising £70,000. Please share this with as many people as you can. Many thanks!

The school has set up a justgiving page. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!


More information about the Innowalk Pro can be found on the website:


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