Oaklands Daily Mile

On Friday 3rd November pupils, parents, staff and friends of Oaklands took part in Oaklands launch of their Daily Mile. We were very lucky to be able to welcome Maria Lyle Paralympian along. Maria spent the morning answering our questions, sharing her experiences and medals with us. Maria is a 17yr old parasports athlete from Dunbar, competing mainly in T35 sprint events. At 14 she set the world record in 200m sprint, a record she has since broken on several occasions.

The oaklands Mile is an adaption of the Daily Mile Campaign that schools around the world are actively participating in. It is all about personal achievement, improving health and well being, having fun and and extending our opportunities to get out and about more during our daily school routine. After a warm up with Maria and our friends from Scran Academy, everyone set out to complete their first few 100metres.

100 metres can be a rather ambitious distance for most of us, but in Oaklands we like a challenge! As always everyone beat our expectations and within 15 minutes had collectively clocked up a staggering 80 laps……10,000 steps…… and a huge distance of 5 miles. It was an incredible morning, we are immensely proud of everyone who participated and are looking forward to seeing you out and about clocking up your miles.

Thank You Maria and well done everyone.

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