Innowalk Pro (VIDEO)

Oaklands School has been lucky enough to be given an Innowalk Pro for a 4 week trial! The Innowalk Pro is a motorised training device which allows the user to change their postural position by safely and comfortably transitioning from sitting to standing to moving.  Using the Innowalk gives users the chance to experience assisted, guided and repetitive movement in an upright or semi upright position as well as a leg pattern which is similar to normal gait.

Several pupils have had the chance to experience this amazing equipment earlier this week with very positive results. During the next 4 weeks, we will try to give as many pupils the opportunity to try the Innowalk.  We will also be gathering some data relating to range of movement, circulation, digestion alertness and general well-being.

We are hoping that the data can be used to support our request for funding if Oaklands decides to start raising the funds to buy our own Innowalk.  They cost around £34,000 each ( and dare I say it: we would like two: a small one and a large one!)

The Innowalk will be on display during tomorrow’s parents consultations. More information can be found on the website:


2 thoughts on “Innowalk Pro (VIDEO)”

  1. That’s so awesome! Jack clearly loves every second of his experience in the innowalk. Get it in the Santa list 🎅!!


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