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SignAlong at Mealtimes

If you are thinking of using SignAlong at mealtimes then this video may provide some ideas and information to help you.

The Speech and Language Therapy Team

HELP us with our Core Words!

Our new Core Word of the month is “help”!

It is a really important skill to learn to confidently ask for “help” when needed… but first the children will need to spend lots of time getting familiar with the sign and symbol for “help”.

Parents/carers… please look out for the “help” postcards tomorrow, and take a look at our video of how to sign “help” with your child at home…

… just ask if you need any “more” “help”! Thanks! From Speech and Language Therapy

Every child deserves a WILDHOOD!

From our friends at PAMIS:

At WILDHOOD we believe in the power of inclusive play, giving children with different needs the opportunity to play together without barriers.

This year we are delighted to announce that, thanks to funding from Better Breaks, PAMIS (Promoting A More Inclusive Society) are taking Camp PAMIS on tour and joining the fun at WILDHOOD, making the festival fully inclusive.

We are adding multi-sensory storytelling to our fabulous programme of events, with Leo and the Lightning Dragons and a specially developed WILDHOOD themed multi-sensory story.  We will have music sessions, art sessions and adapted games. We are excited about the return of Pony AxeS, with Simon and Obama bringing wheelchair accessible pony rides to the grounds of the castle. The Pamiloo will be with us as well, providing fully accessible toileting facilities.

PAMIS have a limited number of day tickets for families of children with profound and multiple learning disabilities so book soon. If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch with us here and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Rugby Trip Cancelled

Unfortunately, we’re no longer able to attend Edinburgh v Munster this Saturday, or make the guard of honour due to a shortage of wheelchair spaces.

We’re as disappointed as you are and will be phoning parents this afternoon to apologise.

Youth for Climate Change!

This morning, some of our Senior pupils joined many of their mainstream peers at the Youth for Climate Change march at the Scottish parliament.

It was wonderful for our young people to share this experience with peers from Leith Academy and other mainstream schools. Jack even met his cousin Calum there!

Much more, as ever on Twitter @Team_Oaklands


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There’s NO limit to our Core Words!

To follow-up on our focus on “yes” last month, our new Core Word is “no”!

We will be supporting our pupils to learn to communicate “no” with symbols, signing, body language, voice or communication devices.

Parents/carers – please check your child’s home-school diaries for your new “no” postcards, and watch this video below to find out how to sign “no” with your child.

Any questions about his? NO problem! Just contact Speech and Language Therapy at the school.

A Wonderful Day Out!

To celebrate Disabled Access Day on Saturday March 16th,  our friends at PAMIS are delivering a multi-sensory story at Scottish National Gallery Modern Art.

PAMIS (Promoting and More Inclusive Society), support people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, their families, friends, carers and professionals – such as us at Oaklands.

This is a wonderful opportunity for families to particpate in a fully inclusive event, right in the heart of Edinburgh.

A fully accessible Changing Places toilet will be installed for the occasion so hopefully many of you will be able to get along and enjoy the session.

Although PAMIS do not have a family support service in Edinburgh, we and they(!) are keen to get the information out to you all.

Pat and Susan from PAMIS are joining us earlier in the week, Wednesday 13th March at 6.30, to talk about their work as part of our Parent Council meeting. All welcome for what will be a very interesting session!

Please see the links below for more information:

Yes! It’s a new Core Word!

Our first new Core Word for 2019 is “yes”!

Here’s a video to show you how to sign “yes” with your children… and parents/carers check your child’s diary for your postcard with the “yes” symbol and ideas for practising “yes” at home!

Yes – you can ask Nicky in Speech and Language Therapy if you’d like any help with your child’s Core Words!  🙂