Again, Again!

We are coming to the end of our year of the big Core Words push here at Oaklands School… and we’re ending the term by focusing on AGAIN!

Postcards, symbols and signs for AGAIN are being delivered to the classrooms and going into the pupils’ home-school diaries. Watch the video below to see how sign AGAIN with your child…

We are also taking some time to reflect on how the year of Core Words has gone… would you like to go over them AGAIN next year? Look out for your feedback questionnaire to tell us what you think! Or drop us a line on Twitter or by commenting on this post.

And AGAIN – a *huge* Oaklands thank you to all the volunteers who have helped with the project… from the behind-the-scenes laminating teams to the stars of our videos… over the year.

Have a lovely summer and get in touch if you need any support!
– from Speech and Language Therapy

One thought on “Again, Again!”

  1. Thank you all so much. I have loved getting the core words home.
    We have used them on several occasions from let’s go or more cake.

    Looking forward to seeing more words next term.

    When I have forgotten a word I go to my book with all the core words.


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