MOVE day 2018


Today, Oaklands pupils and staff celebrated another wonderful year of MOVE.

We held a fantastic circus themed extravaganza featuring acts such as: Lion Tamers, Silly Clowns, Strongmen, Ballet Dancers and Acrobats to name a few!

Blythe and Ross did a brilliant job as our Ringmasters, introducing each act in style.

A variety of MOVE skills were on show with pupils moving as independently as possible in their own unique way using walkers, standing frames and bikes.

The MOVE programme, led by our dedicated physio, Anke and her MOVE team is a hugely valuable programme that many of our young people participate in on a daily basis. The Oaklands Circus was the perfect way to celebrate all the pupils have achieved this year.

Thank you to everyone for the hard work and effort put into making the Oaklands Circus a success. Feedback from our audience was extremely positive!

As you may know, Oaklands is already a certified Centre of Excellence for MOVE. This accolade alongside all the fundraising that has been going on for our Innowalk campaign is a true reflection of the wonderful Oaklands community and the great things we can achieve together.
Photos to follow…..

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