Running Shoes at the Ready?

In our latest fundraising venture, we are delighted to announce Oaklands’ Virtual Marathon!

As spring and summer beckon us, would you like to…

…get you/your friends/your family fitter for the summer?

…earn a bit of bling?

…help Oaklands School raise money for an amazing Innowalk?

Oaklands School is holding a Virtual Marathon from 28th March to 22nd April, and asking you and yours to take part, for a donation of £10. You don’t need to run a marathon in one go, but you do need to make sure that you cover the distance of a marathon (26.2 miles) over those 26 days. By finishing up on 22nd April, you can celebrate with the London Marathon runners that day!


Virtual Marathon



You can do our Virtual Marathon by :

Running Walking Swimming Dancing Cycling Skiing Skating

or any other way that you can move!

· It can be done as a family, a group, individually. (You can ask as many people as you like to take part – why not ask work colleagues, or any other groups you’re in!)

· You could do it at school, at home, at work.

· You could do a mile a day. (If your child is at our school, their “Daily Mile” activity could be included!)

· You could do a weekly “chunk”, eg 6 mile run

· Maybe you’re already doing the London Marathon, and could get two medals!

And you do get a medal at the end – to recognise your efforts for us.

But if this isn’t something you fancy doing – maybe you know someone else who would do it for us?

All profit from this event will go towards Oaklands Innowalk Fundraising Challenge. See for further details.



1. Confirm you want to take part by either emailing by 27th March, confirming your name and the best way to contact you. (email, text, through a school pupil/member of staff, some other way) or completing and returning the attached slip.

2. Make your donation by either:

a) Transferring £10 to the school fund:

Account Name – Oaklands School Fund

Sort Code – 83-18-47

Account – 00645489

ensuring that the reference is “VMF plus your name” (eg VMF Preston); or

b) Handing £10 in to the school, with the slip attached.

3. Once your donation has been received, you will receive confirmation that you are part of the challenge.

4. Complete the 26.2 miles between 28th March and 22nd April, and keep track of it. Use your Fitbit, a mobile app, or any other creative way you can think of!

5. Confirm that you have completed the distance.

6. On receiving confirmation, you will receive an Oaklands VMF medal!



If you have any questions about the above, email, or contact the school on 0131-315-8100 and ask for Annie or Rebecca.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support!

Annie Welsh

(Speech and Language Therapy Assistant)

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