Future Event …………….. Active Schools, Lothian Disability Sport & Oaklands Dance Festival

Oaklands are again hosting the Lothian Regional Dance Festival.

We have around 150 guests from 10 schools coming along to Oaklands on Wednesday 7Th February to participate in what has become the best Dance Festival in the Region. We have special guests popping down to perform with us from Fairview School in Perth as well as Broughton High School Dance Group.

This year we have two groups creating and experiencing dance:

  • 6 of our young people have been given the opportunity to work with Shelby Struthers from Dance Division.They have been working hard over the last 3 weeks creating a dance to the sound track from the Trolls Movie – Can’t stop the feeling…….. I believe we are in for a creative and colourful performance.
  • Our second performance will be from our Oaklands Wheelchair Dance Group. They have been working with our very own dance expert – Ruby Little. Ruby has been having them spinning around the gym hall learning a Canadian Barn Dance and practicing everyone’s favourite ‘Tell Me Ma’ or as known in Oaklands ‘Belfast Girl’. This dance gets even the most reluctant dancers up on their feet and joining in.

Well done and good luck to our dance stars …………….

Zara, Liam, Alia, Sean, Lennon, Maddie, Jack W, Jack C, Alistair, Natalia, Christian, Saif, Leila, Andrew, Ela & Yousef.



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