Changes to part time 20 signage outside schools


Councillors approved a citywide 20mph speed limit network for Edinburgh at the Transport and Environment Committee on 13 January 2015 following extensive consultation and research showing a high level of public support for its introduction.

Slower speeds bring many benefits to places and people. They help to reduce the risk and severity of collisions, encourage people to walk and cycle and spend more time in an area. The new limit also recognises the importance of community wide safety for children that extends further than the last 100m of their school journey.

Removal of part time 20mph speed limits outside schools

The placing and positioning of signs for the 20mph network  is being carried out to the standards of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General  Directions (TSRGD)   This is national legislation made by the Secretary of State in consultation with Scottish Ministers in accordance with the Scotland Act 1998.  They set out the design and conditions of use of official traffic signs that can be lawfully placed on or near roads in the UK.

Where an existing part time 20mph limit becomes incorporated into a new full time 20mph area, different signage is required to comply with the TSRGD. Consequently, the signs with flashing lights outside schools signalling the lower speed limit on stretches of 30mph roads have to be removed as the part time speed limits will no longer be in operation.   In their place, new signage as shown in the diagram below will be erected.


We have received a number of enquiries from schools requesting the installation of VAS signs outside their school. There are 88 primary schools in Edinburgh, along with 51 secondary, independent and special schools. Many of these schools will have 20mph streets adjacent to them and, unfortunately, we cannot install permanent vehicle activated speed signs at all of these schools as part of the initial 20mph roll out. We are, however, trialling the installation of temporary vehicle activated speed signs for short periods at locations across the city to reinforce the 20mph message and Roseburn Primary is included in the list of locations for this.

Enforcement of 20mph

The Police are supportive of lower speeds across the city and are working with us to achieve this. Streets with significant numbers of collisions and areas near schools are likely to be prioritised for enforcement activities. The new 20mph speed limits will rely on a shift in driver behaviour which will take time to embed. The Council is working with the Police to raise awareness of the new speed limits through road safety education and prevention activities. A communication and engagement strategy supports scheme implementation, with each phase accompanied by an awareness raising campaign to encourage compliance with the new speed limits.


Monitoring to assess traffic speeds, road casualties, and public perceptions is included in the 20mph programme, which will continue throughout the implementation of all four phases. The final phase is expected to conclude in early 2018. The results of the monitoring programme will be reported to the Council’s Transport and Environment Committee one year after this. The Committee will consider the findings and decide whether any further action is necessary, for instance additional signage, vehicle activated signs, footway buildouts or traffic calming features.


For further details please contact:

Name:            Simon Lievesley                                                              Eileen Hewitt

Tel:                  0131 529 4315                                                                 0131 469 3502



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