Swimming Song Signifier

Our latest Song Signifier Video is now available in the section:


This song can be sung as you leave to go swimming, on your way to swimming, as you get changed for swimming, as you head to the pool…or any variation of these. As with all song signifiers, it will help make clearer what is about to happen, and can help calm nerves, help focus so you decide when and how it is best to use it.

3 thoughts on “Swimming Song Signifier”

  1. Thank you everyone, I will be using these songs with Maddie. Great idea. Also be getting the family to use these too.

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    1. You are welcome. We will be posting more song signifiers, signalong signs and on-body signing in the near future. Remember that family and friends are more than welcome to follow the website. They would get the email alert when there is a new post on the news and events section.


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