Lothian Disability Sports Spring Gala

On Sunday 19th March Maddie and Cameron headed down to Prestonpans to represent Team Oaklands in The Lothian Disability Sports Spring Gala. We have spent the last few weeks practising for this event in our weekly swim sessions.

Both our swimmers swam 25m in an aided race. The first race saw Cameron swim 25m freestyle, with an entry time of 2.40.53. This is Cameron’s 3rd time representing Oaklands and with everyone’s encouragement he smashed his time to gain a new personal best of 2.35.21. Next up was Maddie, who has just learned to swim 25m. Full of excitement and enjoying the atmosphere and attention she took her first swimming gala in her stride and stormed up the pool.  This was a brilliant achievement and both Maddie, Cameron and their families were proud of their results and medals. Well done to you both and a big Thank you to Michelle and Amy for all their support and giving up their Sunday morning.

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2 thoughts on “Lothian Disability Sports Spring Gala”

  1. What a fantastic Morning it was. Well done Maddie and Cameron you were both amazing. A big thank you all for giving up your Sunday. I was so proud I thought I was going to burst. To see all the participants swimming was so good and a big cheer for all the helpers and staff a great event.

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