Scottish Assembly

scottish-flagThank you to the guests that joined us for our Scottish Assembly Last Friday.

There was a huge variety of presentations from every class in the school as you can see from the programme below:

Oaklands’ Scottish Assembly presentations:

  • St Crispin’s – Taking a tour of the Cities of Scotland
  • Class 1 – Performance of ‘3 Craws’
  • Class 2 – Showing off class-produced tartans
  • Class 3 – ‘Ye Cannae Shove Your Granny off a Bus’
  • Class 4 – History of Scottish flag (in 1 minute);
  • S1 – S2 – Showing off of home-made bagpipes
  • S3 – Performance of ‘Jeely Piece,’
  • Seniors – ‘There Was a Wee Lassie Who Swallowed a Midgie’
  • Secondary Dance Group performing a modern dance

Our Nursery pupils were out participating in their Holyrood Challenge and were unable to make it on the day but they did provide us with some delicious shortbread squirrels and hedgehogs!

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