Oaklands School Celebrates Scottish Week

piperPupils at Oaklands School have been taking part in a range of Scottish activities this week (30/01/17).  Classes have been hearing Scottish stories and music, making their own tartans and baking Scottish products such as shortbread.  On Tuesday the 31st class S1/S2 were involved in making their very own bagpipes and invited in John Macdonald (who arrived in full tartan regalia) to play the bagpipe for them.  He played out in the school playground for a large number of pupils from across the school.  We all really enjoyed listening and dancing to the tunes!

On Wednesday pupils will take part in a Burns Supper accompanied by Burns poetry and song, tables will be decorated using tartan and other Scottish decorations.  The week will culminate with a special Scottish Assembly on Friday when classes will show off some of what they have been focusing on this week. We hope to see as many guests as possible.  Pupils are invited to wear tartan at both the Burns Supper and also the Assembly (and guests too!)

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