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Can’t “stop” us now!

…the Coreword of the month for October is “stop”!

Check out our video below to see how to sign “stop” using SignAlong or onbody signing.

Parents/carers please look out for the postcards in your child’s home-school diary.

Remember… Don’t “stop” using our previous Corewords too… more, finished, ready, go!

Please get in touch with Nicky (SLT) on 0131 315 8106 or via the home-school diaries if you need any tips or want to catch up about your child’s communication at home.

Thanks! From Annie and Nicky in Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)

… with a big thank you to Gillian, Ross, Chloe, Rebecca, Oliver, Keiran and the super symbol laminating team.

… “go!”

Let’s GO TeamOaklands! … Our Coreword for September is “go”!

We are excited to focus this month on saying “go”, signing “go”, waiting for “go” and pointing to “go” symbols!

Please watch the video to find out how to sign “go” using SignAlong or onbody signing.

Also – parents/carers look out for your “go” postcard in your child’s home-school diary today – with ideas for how to practise “go” at home!

… from Nicky and Annie in Speech and Language Therapy; with a big TeamOaklands thank you to our signing models and the team of volunteers who laminated almost 200 “go” symbols!


Ready, steady…

Our Coreword for August was ‘ready’!

This one works best as a sign – please watch our video to find out how to sign ‘ready’ with your child – using SignAlong or onbody signing.

… from Annie & Nicky in Speech and Language Therapy – with help from our models Chloe and Leon!

Corewords at Oaklands School 2018-19

We would like to share the plan for our year of Corewords at Oaklands with everyone – parents, carers, staff, visitors – please take a look!

We have a simple version – showing you what the Corewords are for each month – and a more detailed version of our Corewords plan.

Please let us know if you have any ideas or comments!

  • From the Speech and Language Therapy team & the Communication Working Party

Plan for CoreWords – detailed version

Not quite finished…

We’re not quite “finished”!

This month’s functional core word across the school is “finished”.  It’s a great way to end another fantastic year developing our inclusive communication approach here at Oaklands.

Parents – look out for your postcards, with symbols, signs and ideas for practising “finished” at home!