August – December 2018

Music in the classroom: It has been a busy musical term for everyone at Oaklands! The pupils have been exploring sensory instruments such as the ocean drum, rainstick, bell tree, chimes and guitar and have been encouraged to be creative and expressive in their music making. Musical activities have supported the pupils to develop their confidence with the instruments through focussed turn-taking as well as whole-class playing. Songs that have allowed each pupil to perform solo while others listen, as well as songs that have explored musical anticipation and the contrast between playing and silence, have been lots of fun for all involved! The seasons have been explored through Autumn and Winter themed songs, with plenty of Christmas songs being sung in December! Pupils have regularly been making their own choices by using communication aids such as symbols and Big Macks.

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Performing Arts: This term, Music has joined forces with Art, Drama and Dance to offer the seniors Performing Arts sessions as part of their electives. This has been a fantastic experience so far and pupils have enjoyed exploring different styles of music, from all over the world, which have inspired unique dance routines and beautiful art work to be created within the group. We created our very own Oaklands Carnival in the hall, wearing brightly coloured costumes that the pupils had made and playing Samba instruments – the audience loved it!

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Singing at Oaklands: Singing has become a big part of daily life at Oaklands and we have established our first ever Oaklands Choir! We had a wonderful time taking part in Love Music’s “On This, A Winter’s Night” choir project and were so proud to perform alongside other schools at the Queen’s Hall. The choir has also been singing in the community when we went carol singing at Morrison’s to raise money for the local charity Pilton Youth and Children’s Project. The Oaklands staff team have also been having fun every week in the Staff Singing Group and are looking forward to performing in the Christmas show!

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Music Therapy: In addition to Music lessons, Oaklands now offers a Music Therapy service within school. Music Therapy is a flexible, personalised, child-centred form of therapy, which provides opportunities to explore communication and self-expression through meaningful musical interactions. It is an accessible and creative way for children and young people to be supported with their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

music therapy room

Special School, City of Edinburgh Council.

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