January – June 2019

Music in the classroom: There’s been lots of fun and excitement in Music lessons this year! The pupils continue to explore a wide variety of sensory instruments and have been encouraged to be creative and expressive in their music making. The seasons have been explored through Spring and Summer themed songs, alongside the Primary themes of ‘Famous Artists and Musicians’ and ‘Transport’, and the Secondary themes of ‘Musical Genre’ and ‘How Plants Grow’. We had a great time during Outdoor Learning Week when we took our Music lessons outside into the Millennium Woods. The pupils made lots of fantastic musical instruments from recycled materials and then made lots of noise by playing them! The instruments are displayed within the newly developed ‘Sound Garden’ area of the woods where you can explore Metal Meadow, Guitar Grove, Drum Drive and many more!

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Performing Arts: The Performing Arts Secondary Elective group continues to explore music, art, drama and dance on Thursday mornings. The pupils did a fantastic job of working with the Edinburgh Dance Academy and performed in the annual Dance Show here at Oaklands, which was a wonderful event to be a part of! The group then worked with Dance Base who ran a project combining dance and live music and had lots of fun exploring different ways of moving to the music. We were delighted to work closely with ‘Imaginate’ during the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival and absolutely loved attending workshops and going out to the theatre!

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Singing at Oaklands: The staff continue to sing their hearts out once a week and, with the support of our Speech and Language department, did a fantastic job at learning and performing our Core Words Medley! Lots of singing, signing and smiling from everyone involved – a great way to start the day!

Music Therapy: Music Therapy sessions continue to take place every Wednesday in the Music room. All the pupils involved seem to enjoy these personalised, 1:1 sessions and there’s lots of creative singing, playing and shared music-making occurring each week. Music Therapy is a flexible, personalised, child-centred form of therapy, which provides opportunities to explore communication and self-expression through meaningful musical interactions. It is an accessible and creative way for children and young people to be supported with their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

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