Rowan Class

November-December 2016

Our class have had a busy couple of months. We have been continuing working on our theme of ‘Our Community’ and have been out and about visiting a lot of different places in our school area, these included a trip to the National Gallery of Modern Art to explore the amazing sculptures and art work on display. We also visited the local library and we had a brilliant afternoon out visiting the Drylaw Police Station. During our visit to the Police Station we met a policeman, went into the cells, had our fingerprints taken and seen inside a police van. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the time we spent there.

The Oaklands Bakery has been going well, we have been making and selling bread and cakes to raise funds for the Clown Doctors. Next term we will be continuing the bakery but raising funds for a different charity so we will let everyone know which charity we choose!

M&M productions came into our school to do a performance off Cinderella for us, we all had a great time watching the performance taking part in audience participation and dancing to all the songs.

Throughout December,  we have been busy with the build-up to the Christmas Holidays. We have been enjoying taking part in lots of craft and cooking activities  including candy cane elfs, snowman biscuits, tree decorations and cards. We had lots of fun rehearsing for and performing at the Christmas Show, our song Feliz Navidad was very catchy and we all enjoyed dancing to it.

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