Willow Class

March 2017

For World Book Day Class 3 joined up with S3 to do a performance of the Scottish Story “Can’t dance Cameron” by Emily Dodd. The story is about a capercaillie bird who cannot dance but learns to through a series of adventures. S3 and Class 3 pupils got into costumes and played the different characters in front of the rest of the school in a whole school assembly. Parents were also invited. Emily Dodd came to watch the performance and was very impressed, she told us that it’s the first time she’s seen one of her stories performed. Some of the children met Emily afterwards.

This week was Rights Respecting week, where we found out about which countries everyone in our class comes from. We also celebrated our different nationalities by making flags and placemats for our whole school lunch on Wednesday 8th March. We made dens and houses out of tents and parachutes, we did lots of other activities throughout the week to help us think about what life is like in different countries.

We are also continuing our topic of around the world, and have been finding out about Egypt most recently. We have been enjoying using Art and Crafts to make a Pyramid, listening to different types of music and bandaging ourselves up like we are mummies. We will soon be moving onto Australia which will be the last country that we visit in our topic.

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