Pine Class

August-October 2016

Class 2 have settled in well with an exciting timetable. During our topic of the Rainforest we have already had some fun sessions painting with feet and hands to set up our class forest. We have planned a trip to the Botanic Garden Hothouses to experience what the climate would be like in the rainforest and Ranger Lilly Laing of the Holyrood Challenge will be joining us for that trip.

Class 2 have already had one trip to The Yard. It was an unseasonably warm day and it was lovely to enjoy being outside for the whole of our session. The children enjoyed all of the outdoor musical instruments and the wheelchair swing. We still have one more session at The Yard to come. Art, Drama and Music with our specialist Teachers has been as exciting and enjoyable as ever and we are busy planning our assembly, now on Friday the 25th of November. We hope that problems with our pool will be fixed on time for Class 2 to begin their hydrotherapy block after the October break.

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