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Christmas Shopping Trip to John Lewis

A group of pupils from class 2 and 3 were invited to go on a very special Christmas shopping trip in John Lewis last week. We were greeted at the door by our friends from John Lewis including Markie the dog who was so pleased to see us! We had a wander around looking at the colourful decorations, listening to Christmas tunes and smelling delicious festive smells.  We even met Buster the boxer and his furry friends! Together, we chose three decorations to hang on our Christmas tree back at school. We were then given the chance to choose our favourite toy or game that we got to take home with us. The whole trip was lots of festive fun!

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Give it some welly for The Yard!

theyard.jpgThe Yard is a purpose built indoor and outdoor adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities.

The Yard has been celebrating its 30th anniversary this November. Oaklands School joined in and celebrated this special event. Give it some welly for The Yard was a success in our school. During the special assembly on Friday the 18th of November, all pupils enjoyed a few welly themed activities. They played a find out what’s in the welly game and after that sensory activity we did a welly wang in the primary and secondary playground areas to see who could throw a welly the farthest.

The pupils from S1/S2 worked hard visiting the whole school to collect all the money from our friends.

We raised a total of £85.54!

A fantastic effort by everyone. Thank you very much and well done!


Remembrance assembly


The learners at Oaklands school held a special  assembly on the 11th of November. Each class made a wreath to create a school remembrance  display. We held a two minute silence to remember those who have been injured or killed while serving their country.



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Swimming Gala at Braidburn School

We have had a fun and exciting inter school swimming gala!!!

TEAM OAKLANDS took part in a swimming gala at Braidburn School.

Teams from Oaklands, Braidburn and St Crispin’s had a fun morning with several races and then a fun swim. Cameron Orr, Ben Holmes, Liam Finlayson, Alzhara Maka and Maddie Shanley all represented the school at this event.

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This was a brilliant day and a great achievement for all taking part.

SQA Star Awards

sqa-awardsOn Friday the 11th of November staff from Oaklands School attended the SQA Star Awards at The Assembly rooms on behalf of former pupil Gregor Downie.

Gregor had been nominated in the School Candidate of the Year Category for his exceptional work in the Senior Phase at Oaklands School. Gregor obtained 19 National Qualification units and awards in a wide range of subjects in levels 1, 2 and 3.

Gregor received a highly commended award at the event along with a lovely prize and trophy. The SQA annual Star Awards are a unique way to celebrate success, triumph, achievement and recognition of the best in education and training. Behind every success story lies motivation and commitment, pride and self-esteem and, of course, a lot of hard work. The SQA want to reward excellence by both individuals and establishments, across all sectors of education and training.

A massive well done to Gregor, his family and all the staff who worked with Gregor throughout his years at Oaklands and we wish him continued success for the future.